The SNK studio and Neo Geo will forever be associated with The King of Fighters, that annual saga where characters from the biggest fighting games would face off. While these days SNK Playmore has little to do with the its old self from the 90s, they still keep wringing profit out of their old glories in random ways. Their latest – at least in the West – is The King of Fighters ’98 Ultimate Match Online, a sort of RPG with turn-based fighting where you face a huge roster from one of the best editions of the saga.

kof98 android 1 The legendary King of Fighters saga gets a new spinoff on Android

Though the game came out in China in 2014, only now has it launched outside of Asia. It’s an official product licensed by SNK Playmore but developed by the unknown studio PlayHit. The experience is based on the nostalgia and joys of seeing icons like Terry Bogard, Iori Yagami, and Kim Kaphwan in a new light.

The game development couldn’t be more topical in terms of the incessant incremental ascent in freemium “RPGs” (strong quotation marks there) for Android. You have to win several fights to get resources and level up your characters while kitting them out with new equipment. Once you get caught in this spiral of daily events, offline PvP fights against other players, and the other standard game modes in this genre – or rather, standard in this medium – you’re sure to get hooked trying to unlock your favorite fighters for god knows how long.

kof98 android 2 The legendary King of Fighters saga gets a new spinoff on Android

KOF98 UM OL (that’s what this invention is styling itself as) is now available on Android and can be downloaded from Uptodown with no geographical restrictions



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