Technology giant Apple has again made us enthralled to another one of their iPhone products – the iPhone5. People from all over the globe have been saying the new iPhone will be out before we know it. But with the recent resignation of Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs, is this going to happen anytime soon?

Apple has released a confirmation to The Wall Street Journal that they will release a product this October. However, no specifications regarding the product are announced.

Going Wireless. The new iPhone is said to have quite massive wireless improvements. In the Apple conference last June, they have stated that the new iPhone will have wireless syncing capability. Another great enhancement we should look forward to is the wireless charging. Given that the HP TouchPad was able to incorporate this feature, Apple sure had their developers working hard for this to happen!

Flash would be present. We have seen some iPhone-Smartphone comparisons wherein a photo of the Justice League was used. Spot the difference, they said. The first photo (representing Smartphones) shows the Justice League, all of them. The second photo, the one representing the iPhone, doesn’t have the Flash on it. Why? They said that iPhones don’t have the speed. Well, the new iPhone is definitely equipped with a beefier processor therefore it’s a guarantee that the new iPhone will be a lot faster.

Better Photos. The old iPhones have lacked the picture taking capability. The recent iPhone cameras, well they are not so good either. The new iPhone to be released this October will have an 8 megapixel camera. There are even rumors spreading around that the new iPhone will even have improved camera flash which will definitely bring the new Apple product on top of the technology game.

The new iPhone is definitely something to watch out for. As early as the iPhone4 was made available, people all over the globe are already waiting for the next new technological improvement from Apple. Remember, these are still unconfirmed and unofficial. But rest assured, Apple will not allow all the hype just simply go to waste.


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