How many times have you found yourself searching around for an shop or needed a cashpoint or pharmacy and you spent ages wandering around trying to find one? With the free app AroundMe you can search and locate on a map any point of interest in a matter of seconds, using your smartphone when you’re anywhere from your seat at the cinema to a taxi station. The locations covered include everything from shops to hostels.

AroundMe is a totally free app available for Android and iOS. It was the first to use the API from Google Maps, which allows it to use your geographical position on a map to locate the places of interest near you, as well as how far away they are from you. Since its launch in 2008, its success has grown continuously, to the point that it now has 6 million unique users every month, in addition to its integration with other well-known services like Foursquare.

Once you open the app you’ll see a long list of types of places that you can filter, which run the gamut from banks to cashpoints to theaters, as well as hospitals, hotels, and supermarkets.


By selecting the type of place you’re looking for, you’ll see within a few seconds a complete list of the ones closest to you, along with their name and exact location; and if you click on the place you wish to go you can even start to navigate there using a route via Google Maps.

In the case of the hotels we can even reserve a room directly from your smartphone and see the total rating given by users that have stayed in each, as well as the price of each room.



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