Although it was announced weeks ago, it wasn’t until just the other day that Instagram added the so-called nametags feature to its repertoire. This is the new way for users on the social network follow other users, and it’s easier than manually entering their username. To simplify things, Instagram now offers a sort of customizable card that you can scan with your smartphone’s camera. 

From the slide out menu on your profile, you’ll find the new ‘Nametag’ option, which you can change according to your preferences, being able to choose between different formats (color gradients, emoji mosaics, or a tiny selfie with your face). From this same screen, you can scan other users’ codes by focusing your camera on the nametag, and you’ll automatically be taken to the profile image and a button to start following the contact.

This isn’t the only new feature that’s come with this latest update, but the other feature is only available in certain ares of the US, called school networks, a new way to group users according to where they’ve studied. To use this, you’ll have to specify a school in your Bio in the new field that’s still being tested. From there, you’ll be able to access a group where you can see the rest of the members in that network.


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