As it has been doing for a good while now, Instagram keeps adding small improvements to make itself as complete as possible. This time it’s made a move to combine two of the most significant new features from its latest rounds of updates: now you can share Live broadcasts over your Instagram Stories.

Instagram Stories Live

Thanks to this new feature you can send Live videos straight to your Stories. To do so you’ve just got to tap the new Share button that appears after you finish a Live broadcast. Once you do it’ll go straight into your Stories so your followers can check it out anytime over the next 24 hours. An interesting way to squeeze a little more juice out of your Live broadcasts.

These videos shared in people’s Stories will contain all the comments and likes garnered in the Live cast. When it comes to seeing who’s viewed it, the number of people who watched it live will be shown in one section and the ones who saw it over Stories in another. This new feature has a special icon in the Instagram Stories bar to differentiate it from normal Stories. Plus when you’re viewing these Stories you can skip either forward or backward 15 seconds by tapping the right or left side of the screen.

Instagram Stories Live

Instagram keeps soldiering on with its upgrade strategy, and of course we users can only be pleased with all the goodies. This new feature is available from Instagram version 10.26, which is already available for download on Uptodown. We remain keen to discover what novelties one of the most popular social networks will surprise us with next. But never fear – we’ll give you the full dish on it as soon as we find out.

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