When it comes to decorating your home or any space, it’s never a good idea to improvise. That’s why the multinational company IKEA has decided to make its customers’ lives easier with IKEA Place. Thanks to this simple app, it’s easy to see how the furniture from the Swedish company will look in any room before you buy. Using augmented reality, the app lets you place the different products the company offers anywhere you want.


With IKEA Place it’s easy to see all your options

Anyone who’s ever shopped at IKEA knows the products are characterized by their simplicity and functionality. So of course, the same can be said about the IKEA Place app, with a simple interface that allows you to try out any piece of furniture in a matter of seconds.

The app offers a huge part of the brand’s catalog and shows the furniture items divided according to collections and types. So you just have to browse each section until you find the products you’re interested in. In order to try them virtually, you need to have a device with Android 7.0 or higher that’s compatible with ARCore technology.



Use augmented reality to try out each piece of furniture

Once you’ve found a piece of furniture, you just have to select the image from the catalog. Now here’s where the augmented reality aspect comes in: you can virtually place the object anywhere in the area around you, wherever you point your phone’s camera. Plus, you can also drag each product to whatever position you think is best, and even adjust its size.


Another key aspect in IKEA Place is that the app lets you mark any item you like as a favorite. You can even find the price located in the upper corner of the screen. This makes the buying process a breeze in the case you decide to purchase the items you try out.

IKEA Place is an app that takes the decorating process one step further and offers great features to try out the products from the IKEA catalog virtually, before you buy. Place each piece of furniture in different settings and choose whichever item looks best.

IKEA Place for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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