Task automation over smartphones and tablets is getting more common thanks to a list of apps designed to make our lives easier. The originator of this trend is good-old IFTTT, one of the most important tools for automating your daily to-dos. Its latest update is quite a big deal: now it has 30 new services and features like support for VoIP technology and Google Photos.

IFTTT Android

For those of you unfamiliar with what this is all about, IFTTT is best explained by the initialism that its name stands for: “If this, then that,” a “recipe” that carries out every order you program into it to a T. You can easily set the app up to do different things, whether it’s receiving updates for a specific Reddit thread to your email at set intervals or adding a song to a Spotify playlist whenever you Like it on YouTube. The possibilities are nearly infinite, so we recommend you take a look at some of the most popular recipes.

The new Android app update falls under the so-called Data Access Project and is thus full of US government- and nonprofit-related services. Lucky for those of us outside the States, there are also new VoIP service commands to help you out on international trips, while the changes with respect to Google Photos help you better automate and organize your pictures.

IFTTT Android

IFTTT has been around for a long time and it seems set to stay with us so long as it carries on offering such a top-notch service. Besides the new features, its Gmail services have also been improved with new options, among them the ability to email yourself. Plus they’ve boosted the app’s performance and battery use on Android – always welcome improvements.

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