The problems installing Windows 10 causes on your system have already been talked about on this blog. So, what about if you DON’T want your system to update to the new operating system? The update to Windows 10 happens automatically for all Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 users, but there are a number of ways to bypass this process. Never10 is the most practical of them, given that all you have to do is run the tool and click on a button to avoid automatically updating to Windows10.

This program only takes up 81Kb, and doesn’t need installation. When you click on the option to Disable Win10 Update, you’ll run a total block on Windows Update that will stop it from downloading the files needed to start the automatic update to Windows 10. Actually, the only thing you need to do is modify a few register keys to invalidate the whole process, but not everybody has the time or experience to go about opening RegEdit files to browse its roots. So, Never10 does the dirty work for you.


Not only that, but if you regret disabling the update, you can always undo the whole process by running the program again and allowing it to enable the update. Just in case you’re wondering, this update has nothing to do with ‘normal’ Windows Updates, which will still continue to function normally keeping your system up to speed regardless of whether or not you have the Windows 10 system update, or not.

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