The Android notifications bar is the basis of your daily stream of information, the first line of defense when it comes to staying informed of developments in your digital life. Hooks – Alerts for Everything is an app that’s recently arrived to Android after debuting on iOS and lets you add alerts of all sorts, ranging from things like sporting results and TV broadcasts to weather info or interactions on external services that don’t offer this option on their own.

The list of the most popular alerts offered by the app gives you a good idea of what it can do: the broadcast date for each episode of Game of Thrones, results of F.C. Barcelona games, or rain alerts in New York are among the most-used ones, but these are just a smattering of the topics covered by the app: film and television, events, weather, sports, digital media news, social network interactions, and financial indicators are some of them.

hooks screenshot 2 How to add notifications of all types to your Android notifications bar

Each notification is fully customizable in ways specific to the topic. If you want to create an alert for high temperatures in Málaga (which happens quite a lot here in the Uptodown Spanish offices!), you’ll get a small submenu where you can specify how far in advance you want to be notified, the days of the week when you want to do the monitoring, or the level of extreme weather you wish to receive notifications for.

hooks screenshot 1 How to add notifications of all types to your Android notifications bar

Some services are limited to the USA in terms of local services, lottery and betting results, or the bank holiday calendar, but not too many. If you dig further into the notifications list you’ll find things as specific and useful as a notification for when a certain website goes does, notifications to track a specific message or the posting of a specific keyword on networks like Twitter or Instagram, or notifications for the release dates of certain films. An all-in-one that can be as useful as you know how to make it.



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