Google’s Android Device Manager service is one of the most useful tools for finding your device in case of loss or theft. While it was definitely efficient, its interface seemed very elaborate given the small number of tasks it actually carried out. They’ve finally done something about this problem and have just released a revamped version of the service that has even gotten a change of name: now the app is called Find My Device.

find my device feat Google's Find My Device tool gets a facelift

When accessing the app after entering your details, you’ll get a menu to select any device associated with your account. Each of them displays its real-time location if it’s connected to data or its last position registered by the GPS before it turned off. Plus you can make the device play a sound (ideal if you’ve lost it somewhere at home), block it, or even erase everything on it in case you’re sure you can’t recover it.

find my device 1 Google's Find My Device tool gets a facelift

The main novelty, besides simplifying the way it’s used, is that you’ll see both the amount of battery remaining and the WiFi network it’s connected to – both important details if you’re trying to recover it after a theft.

At the moment, the new version of the tool has not been updated in the web client, but the Android app can already be downloaded and installed on your device.


  1. I do not understand the benefit of the app. All of these functions were already available through gmail. How does the app add value? Is it for just for the case that you are not logged into your Google account on the phone?


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