Google has proved its tech giant image once again by overcoming major jolt given by Apple in the form of dissociation of Google Maps from its lately launched iPhone 5 leading to a great revenue loss for Google.

But then, Google is also prepared with its own new persistent features – Google Map navigation with voice guided directions and Live Traffic Information making Google Map service even more effective.

People can now check out driving directions with the help of expandable Google Maps and also get to know the current traffic information on their present route.

Both these features are remarkable!

Live traffic information will alert you about the present traffic situation on the path being followed by you. Traffic integration also offers regular alert describing the hotspots where you can encounter a jam and also suggest suitable alternative passageways.

It is also capable of suggesting an alternative route to reach desired destination. Traffic data is refreshed after every few minutes and hence provides most accurate information about recent traffic conditions.

You might be wondering how this is possible. Darren Baker, Google Map Product Manager explained that “Live traffic data being used by Google Maps navigation system is capable of sending anonymous bits of data to the main Google center providing details about current speed of a user moving ahead on a particular route. Hence by tracking the speed of thousands of anonymous users using this feature, good picture of live traffic conditions is generated which helps in providing current traffic situation at a particular location”.

Such a service will definitely prove to be of great benefit for people who are suffering from major problems related with traffic.

Google NAvigation

Say for instance, you were to reach your office, but suddenly due to an accident the road is jam packed with traffic. Live traffic information feature will warn you about the traffic jam and would also suggest a substitute route for your destination.

Exotic Live traffic information feature also enables people to plan their journey so that they can reach to a location at correct time. Above all, you can get to know about the public transport schedule when you are near a prominent station.

As far as voice guided navigation feature is concerned, it is of great worth for everyone especially for people who are new to a location and want to search a desired place.

No one would like to continuously tap on the mobile screen to get the next driving direction. But now, with the help of voice search, you just need to say your destination and voice assistance will speak back most accurate driving directions. This feature even has a capability of correcting misspelled queries and returns the best possible substitute.

Now, you can readily install this special Google map app into your smartphone and get to know all the information about desired routes and other alternative solutions as well.

Both these features have yet again proved the worth of fairly earned Google’s game changer crown.


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