Google has made a move in the mini-universe of Android keyboards and decided to try to reclaim its top spot on the podium with Gboard. This tool takes over from the old Google keyboard and brings with it a good handful of features that you seriously must check out.

Gboard Android

The name of this revamped keyboard should ring bells for a lot of people, as Gboard prompted a lot of chatter back in May 2016 with the announcement of its arrival to iOS systems. It’s taken seven months for Android users to get a whiff of the new additions that justify the spanking-new name for the updated keyboard. And while we can’t really tell you whether seven months is a long or short time in keyboard-development terms, we can talk to you about whether Gboard is worth all the fuss it’s prompted. In a word: yes.

Gboard stands out at a quick look for its most obvious addition: a colorful G visible in the top part of the keyboard. If you tap the new Google logo you’ll find yourself in front of an integrated search tool right on your keyboard. The idea is to save you time when searching and sending info. Cynics might see this as a maneuver to get users to depend on Google for everything but I’d be lying if I said it’s not useful. But it’s not the only novelty Gboard brings: it has customizable, built-in cards, contact suggestions when you type names, multilingual support for up to three languages simultaneously, a GIF searcher… A proper revamp that also works fluidly and without problems.

Gboard Android

It’s surprising that all these changes haven’t required a big shakeup to the layout, but why fix what ain’t broke, eh? Still, some of the new features need a bit more tinkering. One example is the use of GIFs, which here don’t work on practically any app. Only Google’s own communication tools let you properly enjoy these moving images. We hope this improves in the future – and in any case the arrival of Gboard to Android is huge news.

Gboard for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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