There’s a new game in town from Korean studio Gamevil. Kingdom of War puts a spin on kingdom management and conquest games with a battle system that’s much more exciting than anything you’d see in other games in the genre. In it you can control squadrons of up to four heroes and pause the battles to assign actions to each of them. The game has just come out in a soft launch and its APK is available to download and install from Uptodown.

Kingdom of War for Android

The game system is based on beating different game modes and making your characters more powerful through the standard system of short battles with a rating of three stars by surviving several waves of enemies. There are up to 40 different kinds of characters that you can unlock and upgrade to put together better teams. These will help you in the various game modes, which go from linear fights in a story sort of mode to conquests of territory, PvP faceoffs, and battles against bosses. Plus all the stores, clans, and crafting that’s almost mandatory to include in an Android game of this caliber.

But where the app really stands out is in the battles mentioned above – more like an ARPG (or the frontal assaults in a MOBA, why dance around it), with the added appeal of a Tactical Mode that lets you pause the game and manually mark the actions and moves for each character. All this considerably lightens up the classic gameplay of intermittent progression through small and constant sessions throughout the game.

The hottest game of the moment is now officially available in a dozen countries. For the rest of us, it can be installed and played with no restrictions with its APK file, so you can continue with your advances when the final version comes out.



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