If you need to attach one or more large files to an email, your email provider doesn’t allow for messages greater than 25 MB in size. Popular email services, such as Gmail and Outlook, have solved this problem by integrating online storage platforms into the email service. Google, for example, gives you 10 GB of free storage with Google Drive, while Microsoft offers up to 25 GB for online files on SkyDrive. If this isn’t enough space for you, you can start using any of the following alternative services that come with limitless space.

almacenamiento ilimitado en la nube

Those digitized videos from your childhood that you want to send to your family that lives in another country, a several-week trip, or an audiovisual project that you need to share with the rest of your team members at university are just some of the situations in which you may need more than 10 GB of free space in just one email. There are thousands of online storage services, but the biggest problem is that they aren’t completely free. Because of this, we present to you here the two best platforms for sending files, regardless of their size, for free.


From the same company that brought you BitTorrent, this service allows you to send and receive enormous files of up to a terabyte—1024 GB—through your browser. The only thing you need to do is register for the service, and download a small plugin so you can share files. This platform really comes in handy when you need to send one or more files.


The way it works is simple: All you have to do is select any file type from your computer, and then type the name of the recipient. You can also add a personalized message, if you want, as if it were any regular email. Once you’ve done this, just wait for the process to finish, which will take a few minutes, or several hours, depending on the size of the file.

Download SoShare on Uptodown | http://soshare.en.uptodown.com/
Official Website | http://soshareit.com/


This web app, in addition to having a similar email feature to that of SoShare, allows you to upload a limitless amount of files in a way that resembles conventional online storage services, such as Dropbox. Get.tt offers limitless space without needing to register. That being said, the recipient will have to download the file within 30 days, as all files that are stored anonymously will no longer be available after said period of inactivity.


This service doesn’t limit file size or the amount of uploads/downloads that can be done from a single IP address. Also, once you have uploaded your content, you can send the link directly from Get.tt by email, Twitter, or Facebook.

Official Website | http://ge.tt/

Now that you know about these two services, you’ll never have to worry about “cleaning up” your other online storage accounts so you can keep using them for free. You’ll never again have problems sending emails with a massive amount of content, or sharing any file from your computer with your friends.


  1. There is one more new method to send large files. Perhaps you may have heard of it. It is called Binfer. Binfer sends files directly from computer to computer/mobile devices, hence removing any middleman approach(meaning it is safer and faster). Cheers.


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