Bit by bit smartphones have started replacing more conventional cameras, with smartphone users generally being relentless about buying phones with increasingly powerful cameras. This means that photo-retouching apps don’t stop at simply adding effects, but continually add features that multiply their possibilities. Fotor Photo Effect Studio is one of the most lauded photo editors and offers some of the best features to be found on the market.

Fotor Photo Effect Studio

Fotor Photo Effect Studio stands out for having three different but complementary functions: it’s a camera, an image editor, and a sort of social platform to share your pictures on and compete in competitions. Let’s go through them one by one because it’s a highly complete app that we shouldn’t think of solely as a photo editor, although people who are looking for something like that have a powerful tool indeed in their hands.

Fotor Photo Effect Studio

The camera in Fotor Photo Effect Studio has several customization options that improve the photography experience and deserve some attention. It’s grid mode and square mode are two different ways to better focus on the point of interest, and the latter is a good complement for taking 1:1 photos that go straight onto Instagram. Plus it’s got a stabilizer for conditions where you might need it and several shutter modes including burst, timer, and tap mode, which will take a photo instantly at the place on the image where you put your finger and the focus.

Fotor Photo Effect Studio

This app’s strength lies in its super complete photo editor. We talked a while ago about the capacity of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom to give a professional touch to your photos from any smartphone and it could be said that Fotor Photo Effect Studio has nothing to envy Lightroom in that respect. Besides all the standard filters you’d find on any app, this editor stands out for its multiple features to modify any aspect of the images: brightness, contrast, saturation, temperature, tone, sharpness, cropping… You know the drill. But the retouching options don’t stop there, as it’s got a ton of other stuff: a “scene” feature with presets; the option to focus and unfocus on the parts you want (one of its most stellar features); and even the option to pixellate the image as desired. And you have the option to add text, frames, and stickers, which never hurts.

Fotor Photo Effect Studio

The social part in this photo tool involves the possibility of participating in weekly photo contexts where you can test your chops and even win cash prizes. There’s a space for themed exhibitions where you can add your compositions and admire other people’s. But the quality of the pictures you’ll find is super high, so don’t think it’s going to be easy to be selected. But at least it’s a good incentive to brush up on your photography skills.

Fotor Photo Effect Studio

Fotor Photo Effect Studio is as complete an app and as fantastic a photo editor as can be. All this dressed up in a tidy and easy-to-use design, which brings photo editing to the most novice photographers. And if all these features don’t convince you, we should also highlight that it’s got one more feature: the option to make all kinds of collages. Certainly can’t be said that this free Android app is lacking in features.

Fotor Photo Effect Studio for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download

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