And we’re back with more mash-ups. This time around Namco Bandi decided to pick up two recipes for success intelligently mixing them together to expand new horizons even in times like these when we thought we’d seen it all. Fortress Legends seems like a plain old hack n’ slash where all you have to do is attack enemy fortifications and create defensive elements in your own fortress area but actually the game’s plot is more in the line of Clash of Clans. What really shakes things up is that in Fortress Legends sieges take place first hand by controlling your character while button mashing in isometric scenarios, another classic attribute of Diablo type games.

Fortress Legends battle system

It’s a two-for-one in terms of gameplay. On one hand you’ve got to take care of your buildings and resources in order to improve your hero’s offense power and to protect your fortress, and on the other hand your fortress will become a playable stage in the game. That’s right, your operations base will become a dungeon level for other players to attack up to the point of your character becoming the section Boss backed by the AI.

It’s precisely during siege with enemy attack where gameplay totally changes and in which the semi-automatic control of Clash of Clans and other clones differs. Here you control your character directly using visual controls while at the same time choosing which enemies to fight off and deciding how to best damage their buildings in order to weaken them even more in the long run. Keep in mind, though, that while your opponent might represent another player, it’s battle skills are actually being controlled by the game through artificial intelligence. Another option is playing in a kind of single player mode completing a series of challenges. Just one more plus to this game is the possibility of organizing mission-like cooperative battles with up to four players.

Fortress Legends build

After originally only being found on iOS devices, Fortress Legends is now available on Uptodown in APK format ready to download on any Android device, even though it’s not fully internationally available on the official platform yet. The game is Free-to-Play with optional paid add-ons, though it’s already good enough and ready to enjoy on the 100% free version.

Fortress Legends map



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