Football serves as a mere pretext for one of the loonier games released on Android: FootRock 2 a first-person arcade game designed by one of the creepiest evil geniuses on Earth. Here, you’ll overcome all kinds of obstacles to make it to the final touchdown.

FootRock 2

FootRock 2 doesn’t beat around the bush. Starting out from phase one, it’s packed with non-stop action to watch as madness takes control of your Android. Let me elaborate a bit more on this so you’ll get a better idea: you’re dashing full-speed ahead through a single screened level at about a mile a minute. Safe to say no round will be taking you too long. What happens is you’ll have to avoid obstacles of all sorts hurled at you by adept rivals to include: fire, explosions, cards from a—Poker deck!?  Of all things! Your one way to survival is thanks to a football that you launch during attacks. Of course, you must finish each level clutching it or face starting over from scratch, again. 

FootRock 2

With a decent amount of freedom to move about onscreen, you’ll find that hitting either of the invisible walls on both sides will equate to instant death. That being said, each level is rather more like a hallway than anything else, where artefacts of all kinds are scattered around each scene to throw you off a bit. Tiny falling objects randomly kerplunk down on you from the heavens, along with other weird stuff, like trampolines, which if used wisely, will see you soaring through the air. Chaos reigns on each screen, but luckily maintaining some control over these hostile surroundings isn’t entirely impossible given that overcoming most obstacles in your path proves to be only a slight challenge.

FootRock 2 is pure fun with a wild twist. All from a first person perspective and with some pretty great graphics, more so considering that we’re talking about an Android game here, folks. Variety is the spice of life and inevitably adds a certain flare. As such, with its two main elements: one, a teleporting ball and two, a ticking time bomb (also in the form of an exploding ball), you’ll find each adds a special something to the game. So much so that you could even say they comprise a whole extra layer of – needed – gameplay.

FootRock 2 for Android is on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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