The inveterate Ketchapp has brought back its hit formula with a new game for smartphones that we just can’t stop playing. (Well, at least until Ketchapp brings out a new title.) Flip is the new release from one of the most prolific game developers for smartphones and tablets. They’ve got as many hits behind him as DJ Khaled does gold chains. We’ve lost count.

Flip Ketchapp

Flip follows the schematic that Ketchapp uses for all its games: minimalism, simplicity, and immediacy. In this game you have to make an object jump from one platform to another without falling into the void. Like, the bottomless pit. The controls are based on tapping the screen to gather momentum and jumping when you’re ready. The longer you hold down the farther you’ll jump. You’ll have to calculate this distance using your intuition as the sole indicator is the growth of the object in front of you. The bigger it is, the further away it is.

The gameplay is the simplest thing ever but that’s part of its charm. You do just one thing but that action is perfectly designed. Also if you fall in the center of the platform or jump quickly you’ll get more points. As usual in Ketchapp, you can unlock more objects to play with if you get enough diamonds. You can collect them on certain platforms or in bonus rounds. The change of character is purely aesthetic but it still sates your thirst for collecting stuff.


As we said some time ago, Ketchapp follows the path it has pioneered over all these years, guided by the philosophy of “less is more.” And we’re happy about that. It’s always a joy to find a new gem from this developer where playability is everything. Flip is another hit that you’ll come back to again and again to try to beat your own score. Or get a new avatar to play with. Or to try to do perfect jumps. It doesn’t matter why. With this pastel-colored game, Ketchapp has done it again. To go back it DJ Khaled, it’s “another one“.

Flip for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download



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