The importance of YouTubers has grown wildly in recent years. The site’s top content creators have become major celebrities – sometimes even on par with movie stars or pop singers. The gaming world has obviously taken note of and tried to capitalize on this trend – hence all the titles out there based on YouTubers. Today we’ve put together a selection for you with five free games for Android based on popular YouTubers.

youtubers android juegos featured Five (+1) free Android games about YouTubers

PewDiePie: Tuber Simulator

PewDiePie sure knows how to stay in the news. With his 54 million subscribers, every tiny move made by the Swede now has capital importance. His game involves turning yourself into a sort of PewDiePie. And obviously you start out in a dank bedroom with a knackered old computer. Luckily you’ll have the help of Felix Kjellberg himself while creating “videos,” with the Swede peppering you with tips and jokes straight from his channel. All served up in artistic retro packaging that’s not bad at all. [Download]

PewDiePie screenshot Five (+1) free Android games about YouTubers


The premise of this Fernanfloo game is simple and direct: it’s a single-level platformer where you have to collect coins, dodge attacks from flying enemies, and counterattack by launching sausages. Yes, sausages. All while playing Fernanfloo himself. As usual, the different coins let you unlock new skins, weapons, and settings. A simple game, but still sure to please fans of the Mexican YouTube star. [Download]

fernanfloo screenshot Five (+1) free Android games about YouTubers

German Quest

Another of the most important YouTubers in the Spanish-speaking world is HolaSoyGerman, whose contribution to the YouTuber gaming genre is lightly reminiscent of the famous Crossy Road, though here the action is way less frenetic. In German Quest, you have to move German through settings in isometric perspective as you collect coins and avoid tons of dangers. An interesting game with tons of levels to complete. [Download]

german quest screenshot Five (+1) free Android games about YouTubers

Dude Perfect 2

Dude Perfect is the largest sports-based channel on YouTube and the five friends who run it have translated some of their famous challenges into a game where you have to land the most implausible looking baskets you’ve ever seen. A game with controls similar to old-school Angry Birds and sure to provide a good dose of fun in its 90 different levels. [Download]

dude perfect 2 screenshot Five (+1) free Android games about YouTubers


This driving game has got more than 1,000 levels to play and stars some of the most famous YouTubers (ElrubiusOMG, Willyrex, DaniRep, iTownGamePlay…). The odd thing is that each of them accompanies you from a small window at the top left and comments on the levels like in one of their famous gameplay clips. The problem with YouTurbo is that you can only play the 10 first levels for each YouTuber – to carry on with the rest you’ll have to get out your wallet. [Download]

youturbo screenshot Five (+1) free Android games about YouTubers

Vlogger Go Viral

This game might not star a specific YouTuber, but its subject is perfect for our illustrious list. The idea in this game is to become the world’s most famous YouTuber, which you can achieve by clicking on all actions you want to carry out. This clicker’s got super graphics and you can even moderate comments left for you. An original concept with that clicker gameplay that people either really love or really hate. [Download]

Vlogger Go Virall screenshot Five (+1) free Android games about YouTubers


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