Fidget spinners, or just “spinners,” are the latest toy craze that’s popping up between everyone’s fingers. Something like spinning tops, these gadgets supposedly help reduce stress and definitely provide a good stint of entertainment. If for some reason the mania hasn’t hit your school or office yet and you haven’t got hold of a physical gadget, you can get a virtual spinner on your Android device today.

Spinner Android

Where did the spinner craze come from?

We can’t pinpoint with scientific precision why these bits of plastic got so famous from one day to the next, but suddenly these de-stress toys are showing up everywhere you can think of. Fidget spinners were invented two decades ago to help soothe the anxiety of children with autism and ADHD (attention deficit hyper disorder) according to this run-down on the phenomenon by the BBC.

The toy’s popularity skyrocketed last year and now everybody’s talking about it. It’d be hard to find a schoolyard at the moment that’s not rife with gadgets, though they’ve even broken the age barrier recently and now people of all ages are fidget-spinning. God knows how long the craze will last but we can confirm with de-stressed serenity that we’re not letting go of our own spinners anytime soon.

Virtual spinners on your Android

There are now enough different three-horned models of fidget spinner to set anyone’s head **cough** spinning. Obviously the Android developers have descended like hawks and dropped us a handful of new apps so we can enjoy fidget spinning in virtual form. A good way to try out all the models and check out what the deal is with this trend, though the apps do power up the recreation element somewhat. In fact, some people might find the smartphone experience more satisfying than the real thing.

Super Spinner

Super Spinner for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download

Super Spinner

Fidget Spinner Simulator

Fidget Spinner Simulator for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download

Fidget spinner simulator



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