Fatal Fury was born as an attempt on the part of SNK to rival Street Fighter II, released by Capcom some eight months prior in 1991 and then revolutionizing the arcade world by reinventing the fighting games genre. All the same, the misadventures of the Bogard family became iconic on the Neo Geo console and for 1vs1 in general, as shown in this free fangame that brings back the look of the first installment of the saga and adapts it to the beat’em up genre.

Under the pseudonym of SEEP are hidden two Italian fans who have used the OpenBOR motor to launch more than a dozen remakes and adaptations of iconic 2D games adapted to current computers, and with their features improved compared to the originals: Fighting Street (Remake of the first Street Fighter), Golden Axe Genesis, and P.O.W. 20th Anniversary are just a few of their titles.

fatal fury final 3 Fatal Fury now revived in the form of a free fangame

Their most recent release is this Fatal Fury Final, where using the graphic and audio from the original 1991 game as resources, they’ve created a complete beat’em up with several game modes, eleven selectable characters, and the ability to play in coop mode.

The surprising thing is that the game could pass perfectly as another release in the saga – with the added benefit of being able to play it perfectly on a modern PC with a Windows operating system and even connect controllers via your USB. The Xbox 360 gamepad, for example, works brilliantly.

The game takes up a bit more than 150 MB, does not require installation, and is obviously completely free. A great way to reminisce about the old days of steamy arcades and group games with that honorable adaptation for Mega Drive.


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