If you’ve ever fancied seeing your own face on another body, well, the wait is finally over. Face Swap lets you superimpose your face over anybody else’s in a picture and view the funny result. This free Android app has been developed by Microsoft and the result couldn’t be more hilarious.

face swap screenshot 1 Face Swap lets you superimpose your own face on any pic

Face Swap works much like many other apps in our Android catalogue, but its execution is way better than average and hence it deserves all the laurels. The app is entirely free and has no ads of any kind, which I’m sure we can all appreciate and which lets us focus on what it does so well: putting you faces on top of any other face in any image.

Face Swap takes advantage of AI to embed your face into the image of your choice. Just take a selfie and, after a few seconds, you’ll be able to set your face over the other picture. While the app does have different models to play around with, you can also use the photos in your own gallery or use the integrated Bing search box to find images beyond the ones included by default.

Face Swap Microsoft

Many props to this new app from Microsoft, as Face Swap is very easy to use and the result is sure to surprise you. Not only is it super fast at putting your face over any other face, but the app goes as quickly as you can imagine and the result is always fun. Though Google Play has currently restricted its use in the United States, this free Android app can be used immediately anywhere in the world if you download it from Uptodown.

Face Swap for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download



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