Survival games have gotten hugely popular over the years and it’s now dead easy to find a good handful of titles where the idea is to live as long as you can on a desert island, through a zombie apocalypse, or in a setting rife with voxels. Survival Planet is another game to add to this list, but its approach to the survival genre is rather more minimalist and original.

Survival Planet Android

You play a space colonist who ends up crash-landing on an unknown planet and has to survive in hostile and strange territory. But forget about conventional survival games here as the interface in Survival Planet is quite different from the usual: the title is built around text and an interface jammed with menus to move you through the story. This setup is sure to catch a lot of you by surprise but it works very well with that dystopian story line woven through the game.

Survival Planet Android

To keep yourself alive in Survival Planet you’ve got to explore the terrain, collect various objects of all kinds, and craft gadgets to make your life easier. The crafting system is pretty standard in this kind of game and you’ll have personal attributes to improve your skills and survival possibilities on a planet plagued with dangers. This “danger” is present in the planet’s hostile fauna that you fight with in turns using the weapons you build yourself.

Survival Planet Android

Survival Planet is a peculiar approach to a genre that’s gotten ever more popular with time. Though you spend almost the entire game on menus, its interesting story will keep you glued to the screen as you move through the different chapters. An original game that’ll let you brush up on your reading.

Survival Planet for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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