Square Enix games for Android are excessively expensive most of the time. Final Fantasy Portal App is an app that gathers all information related to the games in the saga, and to celebrate the first anniversary of its launch they are offering Final Fantasy II completely free for a limited time.

The promotion is valid until February 14, and although you can download it at no cost, you can’t reinstall it if you delete it from your device. Another slight inconvenience is that to run the app you have to go into the Portal App and start the game from there. In both cases these are minor problems when you can be enjoying this classic in its Android edition with the revamped aesthetic of the PSP edition released in 2008.


Once you install the Portal App you’ll see a banner up top with the name of the offer. By accessing it and clicking the Purchase button the app will be locally downloaded. From there you can access the game whenever you want via the pull-out sidebar.




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