The studio at Koukoi Games came out with a limited release, only available in some countries, for their first game Crashing Season — a closed space runner with 3D low-poly graphics that let you be in control of a group of wild animals during their attempt to banish humans from their land forever. Recently, they’ve also announced that the global release will be in May. However, it’s ready for you to download now in APK format for Android.


The name of the game is beating missions within a closed space where you’ll face up against different challenges for each scenario. These ventures range from simple tasks like picking up a certain number of coins, all the way to finishing off a given number of enemies. You could almost group this game to fit in with other closed space endless runners, due to the fact that your animal is constantly running around and the only thing you’ll get to change is which direction they’re headed in.

As you make your way through the game by beating challenges, you’ll receive coins that allow you to buy improvements that customize how your character looks along with their special skills. Unblock new animals and environments, to gain control of bears and deer inside a forest nature reserve. Moving along to other stages you’ll find everything from foxes in desert landscapes with indigenous tribes to seals being harassed by blood-thirsty penguins.

Crashing Season was initially only released in Australia and Canada, but luckily enough it’s out now and ready to download, install, and play without any kind of restrictions, or geographical limitations.

More information | Official Website


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