Everyone has a smartphone nowadays. Although the smartphone market currently makes it possible to get a hold of one for cheap, the market is also a heavily trafficked arena. This means that although you can sell an old device that you don’t use, these phones, which are always connected to your private accounts, contain personal information that should be deleted before you hand them over to a stranger.


While the aesthetic condition of a device is important when it comes to selling it for a good price, the installed apps and your personal information isn’t so important for whoever is likely to buy a second-hand device. The feature that resets the device to manufacturer settings that all Android devices have doesn’t securely delete all the phone’s data –it’s possible that some traces can remain, which can cause errors in its performance, or even allow someone to recover the information, and use it illegally.

The best thing about Nuke My Phone is how easy it is to use. There aren’t complicated steps or long tutorials, just a step-by-step process with plain and simple explanations that make it so easy that even a child could use it.


You can purchase Nuke My Phone on Google Play for $0.99, and although you may only use it a couple times per year, it can end up saving you the trouble of going through an embarrassing situation. Whether you want to wipe a phone you’re selling, or one that you’ve just purchase, this is an indispensable app that has your back covered when it comes to deleting your private information from your device.

Official Website | http://www.avengermobile.com/


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