As long as you’re probably looking at your phone constantly anyways, why not add a little culture to your life? That’s exactly what DailyArt aims to help you do. Here we have a great tool for learning about the fascinating world of art history. Every day, you’ll receive a new painting, along with information about it. So you can’t say it isn’t easy to become more cultured.


Thanks to apps like Duolingo and other similar apps, a lot of people have begun using their smartphones every day as a way to learn something new. DailyArt may not teach you a language, but if you’re interested in art, then you’ll definitely find it worth your while. Thanks to this app, you’ll receive interesting information about a piece of artwork and its creator. These world-famous paintings may come from classic, modern, or contemporary art. You know, Picasso, Pollock, Rodin, Monet, etc.

DailyArt Android

The way it works is simple: all you have to do is open the app and you’ll see the painting of the day. Plus, you can access the works from past days if you feel a little lost. The free version doesn’t let you access its enormous catalogue of works and artists, but it does serve as a way to get a healthy dose of art every day.

The app has a huge data base with museums and artists, but once again, you can only see a preview since you’ll have to pay in order to access all the app’s features. We’d recommend this to true art lovers who want to really go into depth. But it’s not necessary for novices who simply want to learn a little something new every day.

DailyArt mobile

DailyArt is an app that does exactly what it promises. You’ll receive a daily dose of art information in whatever language you’ve chosen. It’s always nice to celebrate works of art, especially when you have the possibility to learn a little something new on a daily basis.

DailyArt Android

DailyArt for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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