One of the most popular alternatives to Snapchat has for a long time been Casper, an unofficial client that added a bunch of features and ran much smoother than the Snapchat app. And yes, we are speaking in past tense because, unfortunately for a lot of people, this app has stopped working – this due to the cease and desist letter that the app developer recently received from Snapchat’s lawyers.

Casper Snapchat

If you try to open the Casper app, a popup message stops you in your tracks: “This app is no longer available for legal reasons.” As we’ve mentioned, a team of lawyers representing Snap Inc. (the company behind Snapchat) have had a letter delivered that demands the app close its doors due to alleged copyright infringement and breach of the Fair Trading Act. You can read the full letter on the webpage of Liam Cottle, the creator of Casper who has practically erased his entire presence from the web.

For people unfamiliar with Casper, the app included several functions that the official Snapchat app lacked: forwarding other people’s stories, blocking other users from knowing you had viewed their snaps, sending images and videos straight from your gallery, saving other people’s images and videos without them finding out… A ton of features that, despite being rather illicit in certain cases, got around a lot of limitations of the original app.

Casper Snapchat

Alternatives to Casper?

If we trawl our catalogue for apps that do something similar to what Casper offered, we’ve got to say we’re hard put to come up with anything like it. Basically we’ve got to conclude that this app can’t be replaced, at least in its totality, since the many Android apps that did similar things are no longer functional, either.

That said, the Uptodown catalogue does have a couple of apps that let you capture images without users knowing about it. They’re not a full alternative to Casper, but at least you can do one of the things it was useful for.

Hidden Camera Snapshot – [Download APK]

MirrorGo – [Download APK]