We’ve talked before round these parts about Cameyo, an interesting tool to create to-go versions (or portables to use the latest jargon) of any desktop program, but this app takes the matter a step further thanks to the new feature that lets you run portables right from a browser tab without having to install plugins of any kind.

The conversion process runs a virtualization of the app in question on any browser that supports HTML5, with the added benefit that it’s fully independent of the operating system. You can thus, for instance, run Mac programs on Windows and viceversa. Although it’s not 100% compatible with everything you throw at it, the compatibility list is quite broad and covers everything from IT suites like Open Office and video players like VLC or Media Player Classic to antiviruses like Avast or image editors like GIMP and even Blender. (Obviously, though, the load and use speed can vary drastically depending on the complexity of the virtualized software.)

  • To turn a program into a webapp you’ll need to access the official Cameyo webpage and complete the free registration.


  • That done, you can go into the conversion editor proper via THIS LINK. From there you’ll have access to several sections. The App Library section will display a collection of programs you can automatically load as a web tool. If you want to create your own, click on the Add App
  • You’ll need to upload the program’s install file or specify a URL to extract it from the Internet (it accepts .exe and .msi extensions), although it’s also possible to upload a portable version created with the desktop convertor.


  • After adding the file, you have to set the save location. With your free account you’ll have an online space to store your webapps, although these will only remain active for seven days. After that you’ll need to do the conversion again. The only way to avoid this (at least while using the Free version) is by associating your Cameyo account with Dropbox to store the files on your cloud account.
  • Finally, you’ll have to specify if the program is a 32- or 64-bit version and decide if the app should have Internet access or will run offline.



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