Blades of Revenge: RPG Puzzle is a pretty self-explanatory title – ain’t it? Developed by the studio at Infinity Level for Android and iOs, this game is a refreshing hybrid of an RPG and puzzles. Here you’ll have to rearrange player positions and colors in order to solve them. On paper that might not sound too exciting, but nothing could be further from the truth. It’ll have you hooked in no time.


With your crew of heroes you’ll need to beat levels. To do so, in each one you’ll have to defeat any squad of enemies that dares to cross your path. Each of the characters has an assigned color and attack style that gains extra strength if that color matches your target’s color. This seemingly simple gameplay is actually what makes things get complicated. More and more variables are added with each new level in the form of new special attacks and routines for each rivaling gang.

Blades of Revenge: RPG Puzzle is out for iOS and on Android and was soft-launched in Sweden, Brazil, Hong Kong, Mexico, Australia, Thailand, and Canada. But it’s ready to download and install already loaded on Uptodown in APK file format regardless of what your geographical location is. 



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