Blackberry has just made an important move toward globalizing its brand beyond the namesake devices with which it achieved international fame. BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) is the brand’s instant messaging app that works along the same lines as iMessage did for Apple devices, although now there is no such sectarianism: the BBM app is now available for free for all types of iOS and Android devices.

Blackberry Messenger cabecera

This announcement arrives after several months of uncertainty, with a premature launch over the summer, several unofficial clones, and an enormous saturation from the huge demand the announcement unleashed, among both the 60 million users who already use the app on their BlackBerry devices as well as the many people attracted by an alternative to WhatsApp and other similar apps.


To be able to use BBM, you must install the app and then create a BlackBerry ID account that will send you a PIN. Currently so many new users have registered that the company has decided to create a waitlist for the service to activate new registrants on a first-come, first-served basis. All this indicates that this new (and hopefully final) launch will make BlackBerry Messeger a promising alternative in the world of instant messaging for smartphones.

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