There are as many endless runners out there as there are lilies in the field. Good and bad, ugly and pretty — the formula might seem stale but it nonetheless remains a potent brew for fermenting interesting new titles. Asgard Run from the Amused Sloth studio has brought in all the staples of the genre but refined them in terms of both graphics and entertainment value, offering a brilliantly fun game set in Norse mythology where you run endlessly throughout tubular settings while beating bad guys and kitting out your character.

Asgard Run Android screenshot

The aim of the game is to get as far as possible by going up an endless ascending road made of six parallel paths, among which you can move while dodging obstacles and collecting crystals and chests that you can later swap for equipment and even beat the enemies who appear in your way. You can choose from five characters, each with small differences that let them use different objects to improve their skills and give temporary boosts. This RPG-like component (to call it that) lets you improve your character statistics and better defend yourself and defeat the most powerful enemies you come across.

That said, one false move and it’s game over with a restart from the beginning, unless you deploy one of your very limited special objects to pick up where you left off. Again, nothing we haven’t seen a million times before, but in this case both the graphics and the game system are a real delight for people looking for Freemium games to keep themselves busy while waiting around at the bus stop.

Asgard Run is still not officially available worldwide. It’s been released in countries like Australia, Norway, and Romania, but you can download its APK for Android here on Uptodown no matter where you are geographically.


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