If you already have a long library of books, you know that it’s not always easy to remember all the titles or the ones you’ve lent to family or friends. You could always keep a record on paper as we used to in the old days, but there’s a much easier way to do it using your smartphone. We’ve made a list of the best apps to help you organize your books at home

Although many readers prefer digital books, the physical format is still very present in our lives. In fact, sales have been resurfacing for a good while now. If you have an ample library, we can recommend some apps to keep your books and your “to read” list nice and organized. Don’t ever lose a book or buy one you already have ever again. 

Aplicaciones para organizar libros


GoodReads is a classic among the best apps to keep your library organized. This app includes millions of users from all over the world. You can add the books that you’ve already read, rate them and even write a review. But perhaps the most interesting part is that you can view the books that other users recommend and their opinions about the books. You’ll always know what to read next. 

This app lets you add the books you’ve already read and organized them in your library. You can use your smartphone’s camera to scan the bar code of one of your books and add a title directly without having to enter all the information online, or manually add the name of the author. Scan the code, rate the book and write a review. Or, if you’ve bought the book but you still haven’t read it, you can add it directly to your pending list. 

Aplicaciones para organizar libros GoodReads 2 Best apps to organize your books

It’s also possible to add your reading friends to your GoodReads account so you can follow up on what they’re reading or simply explore trends. You’ll see a list of books that are specifically recommended for you, this year’s hits or check out the list of recommended books by genre until you find what you’re looking for. If you find a book that interests you, you can view the description, ratings, and opinions from other readers. You can even access a link where you can purchase the book using the app. [Download]

Aplicaciones para organizar libros GoodReads 3 Best apps to organize your books


Bookly is a really interesting app. Not only is it one of the best apps to keep your library organized it’s also one of the best options to keep you motivated. You can check out your reading statistics and unlock badges as you keep on reading. This is definitely one of the most attractive, useful and entertaining apps of its kind. 

You can add the books you read to Bookly and its interface is really easy to use. All you have to do is open the app and find the “+” sign which you can use to add the first book. You can either add the book’s information manually or look for it online to add the information automatically. You can also specify if you’ve read the book, the dates you read it, if you’re currently reading it or if you haven’t started yet. If you happen to add a book that you haven’t started reading yet, you can add your reading times. As soon as you add them, tap on Start Reading and the chronometer will start automatically. It’ll record your time and as soon as you tap on Stop, you can record the number of pages you’ve read. 

Aplicaciones para organizar libros - Bookly

You’ll add pages and reading times to your account which will then reflect on your Bookly statistics. This app is much more than an app to help you organize your library, it’ll also help you keep a detailed control of your favorite pastime. Use the Stats tab to check out the number of pages you’ve read each day, the time you’ve spent reading or the number of consecutive days you’ve read. You can also unlock your badges using the Achievements tab. As you keep reading, you’ll earn badges. It’s that easy. [Download]

Aplicaciones para organizar libros - Bookly (2)


Wattpad is one of the most popular apps to discover new books and authors. It may not be the best option to organize your books, but it is one of the most complete ones for those who truly love reading. You can publish your very own works or discover those published by other members of the community. This is an app that includes all kinds of writing resources to help you write your story. Wattpad gives you access to more than 70 million readers who’ll give you their opinion about your writing and you may even gain fans who are interested in reading more of what you have to offer. 

Nevertheless, Wattpad also lets you organize all your books in the app. You can access the app and read thousands of digital books for free in a bunch of different languages. You can find young adult books, humor, stories and short stories, romance, etc. This is not an app that lets you organize your physical books, but it does let you read novels and books in your smartphone and keep them organized. [Download]


My Library

My Library is the easiest app that you can find out there to organize your books, but, just keep in mind that the interface is not as sleek and modern looking. This is a more classic app that has been around for years.  My Library includes four main categories: Favorites, Pending, Reading Now, or Read. You can add your books to the corresponding category and this is one of the best apps to organize your library or pending reads. 

Adding a book to your library is as easy as looking for the title in the database or scanning it with your smartphone. You can scan any book as long as you have a scanning app installed on your smartphone. Once you’ve added the book into your library, you can also add a rating and a review. The books can also be organized in the predefined categories or create your very own folders to keep everything organized to your liking. 

aplicaciones para organizar libros - My Library

Besides organizing your books, you can also discover recommendations, write reviews and rate the books so you can keep a record of your opinions or simply figure out what books you can recommend to family and friends. The best part is that with My Library you can organize your physical books as well as your Google eBooks and even look for new ones in the app. We’re talking about a useful and easy-to-use app, even for those who aren’t too keen on technology. [Download]

Aplicaciones para organizar libros - My Library


Whakoom is a must-have app for anyone who loves comics. One of the best apps to organize your books if you tend to read manga or graphic novels of any kind. This is a social network, web service, and Android app that lets you add all your comics and keep a pending list. 

All you have to do is download the app, open an account, and add your comics to Whakoom to manage your library. You can either use the browser to add the titles to your library or use your smartphone’s camera. Once you add a book to your library, you can choose if you already have it or you want it, as well as create your profile. You’ll have access to a wishlist, purchased list, and even find opinions and ratings as well as the release date and price. 

whakoom feat Best apps to organize your books

This is a must-have app to discover the latest editorial releases or trending comics, as well as the classics. You can also follow other users ad friends since Whakoom also works as a social network. That’s how you’ll get recommendations and share your opinions and even meet friends. [Download]


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