Rovio really doesn’t have much ground left to cover when it comes to exploiting Angry Birds. After releasing everything from racing games to puzzles sponsored by Shakira.. Not to mention those Transformer arcade titles, there’s still more than few twists left in this zany saga. This time, Angry Birds: Ace Fighter comes in the form of an “alien basher” with hints of Eastern flare, ie. it makes major references to the appropriately titled genre called “bullet hell.” Dodging all kinds of projectiles that are geometrically launched with non-stop shooting is the name of the game. While not yet out on Android, we’ve got it right here for free thanks to its unofficial soft-launch.


Just one look will immediately alert you to the fact that Rovio chose to delegate the task of developing this game onto an independent studio, in this case Siamgame Mobile. Specialists in MMOs for mobile devices, its baroque menus and seemingly endless amount of submenus, rewards, and collectables, are all noticeable trademarks of a game produced in Asia, regardless of how the final product might otherwise appear.

In any case, the game is centered on overcoming tiny levels where you’ll take control of your spaceship by swiping your finger from one side of the screen. Shooting is essentially just tapping nonstop on your screen so that way you’ll only need to worry about dodging bullets and finishing off with the largest possible number of enemies. Simultaneously, you’ll also need to keep an eye out for items and make sure to time your special attack strategies effectively. Every few levels or so, you’ll take on a boss. And, despite there being only a few game modes that truly allow for this kind of play, there is the possibility to play with an online partner taking on several challenges with specifically designed rules.


For now, the game is limited to the Asian market, although thanks to an APK leak, it’s out now on Uptodown. Click here to download without restrictions, install and play, completely free and without any kind of geographical limitation, regardless of where you’re at.



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