There’s not much ground left to Amazon to explore in the realm of generalist software. To its à la carte TV, music stream, cloud storage, online photo gallery, and app site services, it’s now added a spanking-new multiplatform chat and videocalling client. The basic version of Chime can be used completely free, though there are paid modes with extra features.

amazon chime screenshot 1 Amazon releases Chime, a chat and videoconferencing service

Chime is initially meant to be focused on the business sphere, offering a system focused on creating conference calls – to individuals or groups, with audio or video – with people from your contacts list. The calls can also accommodate simultaneous sending of text or images. And rooms can be created to invite members of your contacts list to participate.

amazon chime screenshot 2 Amazon releases Chime, a chat and videoconferencing service

The basic version is fully functional, though it does have certain limitations (you can’t do group videocalls, for instance). Beyond that there are two monthly subscription options whose differences you can check out here, with useful features like a screencast option, screenshare, or remote desktop control. An all-in-one solution that aims to take on heavyweights like Skype and TeamViewer.

amazon chime screenshot 3 Amazon releases Chime, a chat and videoconferencing service

The sole “limitation” lies in the fact that the service gets permanently associated with your Amazon user account. Otherwise, the client can be downloaded for free for Android and iOS as well as Windows and Mac.

More info | Official Chime site


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