Apps to improve both body and mind are all the rage these days. Standing out among the main new releases on Android is adidas All Day, a tool with the seal of quality from the famed German sports brand. It still hasn’t officially launched globally, but you can download and use it already no matter where you are from here on Uptodown.

adidas All Day

After registering on the app and filling in the details on your body info, adidas All Day takes you to a simple and functional interface. A smooth-as-silk design that shows you all the info you need in just a few steps: a counter with your daily exercises that you can extend to see all the data, a tab menu to access your profile, and – one of the app’s strengths – the Discovery category.

adidas All Day

If you access the Discovery tab you can “jot down” a ton of different activities, whether it’s cooking or exercising, and set up a weekly routine as desired to fulfill the plan laid out for you. Once you sign up for these activities you can download each multimedia lesson for the Discoveries so you can complete out with the necessary help. And we’re not just talking about physical exercise sessions – there are also tons of recipes for healthy eating or simple relaxation techniques. It’s impossible not to be delighted by all this variety.

adidas All Day

adidas All Day shows that things can still be done way better in the fitness and mindfulness app niche. It’s a very useful tool that lets you keep close track of all your physical exercise and also suggests a good number of activities to help you feel better on both the inside and the outside.

adidas All Day for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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