Among Us is one of the titles that most successfully hit the nail on the head during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Its incredibly interesting gameplay lets users play entertaining rounds against friends from a distance, while also surely ruining some friendships due to the concept and ideas it offers up. The game experienced huge success, and dozens of clones soon popped up to try to capitalize on its successful formula.

Now, the title is hoping to reinvent itself with Hide n Seek, an interesting new game mode that fans of the original title are sure to love.

In this article, we’re going to tell you all about Among Us, how its new Hide n Seek mode works and all the details surrounding the choice of this new game mode.

What is Among Us?

Among Us is the ultimate title to enjoy with friends on a lazy afternoon. The premise may be simple, but it’s a whole lot of fun. You’ll play a member of a ship with a space crew consisting of the rest of the players. However, within this crew, there’s an intruder who wants to destroy the ship before it reaches its destination.

The spacecraft is made up of different sections with sensitive equipment that’s essential for the ship to function correctly. The imposter will try to sabotage the ship and the rest of the group will need to try to fix it while trying to figure out who’s the one that’s causing all the damage. That said, you’ll also need to watch your back to avoid being murdered by the rogue crew member. 

Among Us blue character with a crown next to a corpse

The result is a classic Clue-style board game situation. You’ll have to accuse the rest of the players and confront them in a specific phase of the game, being able to launch the impostor into space… or innocent people if you make the wrong decision. This tends to generate heated discussions and big laughs when the wrong person is launched into outer space while the murderer continues to commit crimes on the ship.

Hide n Seek, the new Among Us game mode

Everything we’ve mentioned so far is in the original game, but the team behind this title has been working long and hard for an entire year on Hide n Seek, a new mode that’s been added to this interesting game.

The goal in this mode is to outlive an alien killer that’s on board the ship. To do this, you’ll need to hide anywhere you can on the map to avoid being captured. That said, you’ll also have to complete certain objectives the game gives you. However, in this mode, you can’t get rid of the imposter, so you’ll have to run and hide the best you can.

Among Us promo picture with all the colored characters looking up into space

This time, the engineers will be able to use the ventilation systems to survive, something particularly interesting since, until now, these ducts were the main ally of the impostor. In this new mode, the impostor won’t be able to use them at all—they’ll only be usable by the regular players. It’s the only way to save yourself if the murderer is nearby, so it’s advisable to use this option wisely.

If you’re killed, you won’t be able to do anything, just stay on as a spectator. The game will be over for you.

On the other hand, if you’re the killer, you’ll have to clear the map of the crew’s engineers. That said, your vision will be very limited, making your mission more challenging to complete.

Tips to defeat the killer in Among Us

The truth is that the Among Us team has once again made it incredibly fun to play both as part of the crew and as an imposter. Here are the best tips to help you win the game:

  • The enemy doesn’t see much, so you can take advantage of this to escape their line of sight by making sharp turns or changing directions at the last second.
  • The trap doors used to be your enemy, but now they’re your best ally. It’s extremely important that you adapt to this, as ventilation systems are the last resort to survive if the killer is close.
  • Don’t stop moving. The map is huge and standing still will make you an easy target. It’s essential that you avoid this situation, as hiding places are only allowed for a short period of time.
  • Unlike the original Among Us, they’ve added a danger meter that warns you how close the enemy is to you.

Among Us crew message stating there are 3 impostors

Tips if you’re the impostor in Among Us, Hide n Seek

The truth is that being the killer in this game mode is a lot of fun. It gives you a much greater sense of power than the original game, where you were really at the mercy of others if you made even a small mistake. Here, your power is unlimited, but you’ll come across a number of difficulties if you want to win. Therefore, here are the best tips to help you out if you’re the impostor in Hide n Seek.

  • Unlike the usual Among Us gameplay, here they know you’re the killer from the very beginning.
  • Move around the entire base. Don’t stand still—it’s essential to take control of the map so that the rest of the players are afraid and can’t move freely.
  • If you see that a crew member goes into a hatch, stay outside waiting for them. Soon they’ll come out and you’ll be able to settle things, since the hiding time is limited.
  • At the end of each round, you’ll have 60 seconds to kill the remaining players. You’ll be given a heat map to help you track down your opponents. Show no mercy or you’ll lose.

In general, everyone wants to be the killer, but the truth is that both game modes are a whole lot of fun.


Translated by Sarah Odebralski