The fun jumps from the mobile screen to the PC monitor! Thanks to GameLoop, the official emulator from Tencent, it’s possible to play your favorite Android titles directly on your PC. You’ll be able to replace touchscreen controls with the use of the mouse, keyboard or even your favorite gamepad. Previously known as Tencent Gaming Buddy, this application will let you enjoy all the best Android releases directly on Windows.

Its installation couldn’t be simpler. You just have to download the GameLoop app, install it, and you’ll have access to its huge catalog! You’ll be able to enjoy the most popular multiplayer games, such as PUGB Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile or Genshin Impact. All supported games can be installed directly from the program’s interface.

Juegos incluidos en GameLoop
From the library it is possible to access a list of some of the most famous compatible games.

Uptodown is an official GameLoop distributor and, in addition to offering this tool individually, we also offer bundles that include the emulator and the installer of specific games. You may use the integrated search engine to find these packs from the Windows section in Uptodown.

Call of Duty: Mobile en GameLoop
Call of Duty Mobile looks even better than the original version on Gameloop.

Some of the titles available on GameLoop

When you see the huge catalog full of games that you can access from this emulator’s menu, your main concern will be finding enough time to play them all. This is just a small portion of all the games you’ll find:

But we’re not just talking about games. With GameLoop you’ll also be able to run several apps originally designed for Android without an official PC version, like TikTok, Resso, ClipClaps and BIGOlive.

Uptodown Gameloop apps
By writing ‘Gameloop’ in Uptodown’s search engine, you’ll see the emulator and packs which include the specific games’ installer.

To enjoy GameLoop you don’t need to know a thing about emulators. Just choose a game, install it and it’ll automatically become part of your game catalog. The mouse will emulate the operation of the touchscreen and depending on the gameplay of each title, it’ll automatically recognize if you have a gamepad connected to the PC and you’ll even have the possibility to remap the controls.

In the GameLoop options menu, you can adjust the graphics quality of the games and, depending on how good your graphics card is, increase the resolution up to 2K. It’s even possible to adjust the framerate, from 30 to 90.

GAMELOOP OPCIONES GRAFICAS e1631168448524 Enjoy and play your favorite Android games on PC with Gameloop

And if you’re a fan of first-person shooters you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite Android FPS like never before thanks to the ability to play with a keyboard and mouse. On the right side of the game screen, you’ll see a column where you’ll find all the controls for each game listed (you can also disable them once you’re familiar with them). You can use the space bar or the number keys to switch between different weapons and items in a split second, while using the mouse to aim and the WASD keys to move.

But GameLoop wasn’t just designed with hardcore gamers in mind. In fact, it’s a great program for little ones to play their favorite titles on their home computer, full screen and with the added benefit for their parents of not having to worry about them dropping the phone on the floor.


Casual games also have a place in GameLoop

In fact, one of the games we enjoyed the most while testing out GameLoop was the irresistible Candy Crush Saga, which is operated with the mouse in the same intuitive way as on a touchscreen. This, and other casual titles, will become your best friends when it comes time to give yourself a well-deserved break while working remotely.

Candy Crush in GameLoop

One thing you’re probably wondering is how the games designed to play vertically on phones will look when played in GameLoop. Well, worry not. Tencent’s application perfectly emulates the vertical screen format, so you won’t have any problem enjoying all these games from your PC monitor, without deformed graphics and without any performance problems.


GameLoop’s catalog continues to grow every day, and is fully compatible with Google Play servers, so you can access your accounts for each game directly on your computer. You’ll be able to continue playing your games without losing any of the progress or rewards you’ve accumulated while playing on your phone or tablet.

Don’t waste another second and give GameLoop a try right now. It’s completely free and it’s┬áspecifically designed to take advantage of Windows PC features, so you can enjoy your favorite Android games more than ever before.


Translated by Sarah Odebralski


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