Uptodown is the official sponsor in the Indie Zone at FreakCon 2022, a space where many Spanish indie developers will present their projects. We want to be part of the industry’s entrepreneurial fabric by offering a free, open and alternative app store, and sharing all these projects with the world. Here’s a list of some of the participant titles that will be presented by their own authors at the Trade Fair and Congress Center of Malaga (FYCMA – Palacio de Ferias y Congresos de Málaga) on Match 5 and 6.

FreakCon Indie Zone poster announcing €3,000 in prizes

System of Souls

In 2155, humanity is forced to transfer its essence into robotic bodies in order to survive. In this first-person puzzle-platformer, we will embody the last cyborg with a soul inside who does not remember who he is as he travels through the facilities of the corporation that controls this technology. A fantastic game reminiscent of Valve’s Portal saga that was born from a master’s dissertation and now is supported by Playstation Talents.

System of Souls Zona Indie FreakCon 2022

Shröminger Katt

A minigame developed for Global Game Jam 2022 in which we will play a cat who must escape from its double state, as per the laws of Physics: we will have to overcome a ten-minute obstacle course with a small sphere whose direction we control.

Shröminger Katt Zona Indie FreakCon 2022

Battle Drive

Battle Drive is a driving multiplayer game in which up to four players face each other in a closed scenario full of ramps, obstacles and unfortunate passersby. A fun proposal similar to other classic racing games such as Carmageddon or Twisted Metal.

Battle Drive Zona Indie FreakCon 2022

Line Simulator

There are few things more awful than standing in line. The authors of Line Simulator are well aware of this, and thus here’s a VR game to cope with frustration by using creative (and socially unacceptable) ways to skip queuing in familiar environments such as a supermarket, an airport or a convention.

Line simulator Zona Indie FreakCon 2022


It seems that playful proposals for older adults must be sober and bland, but The Rocketeer Industries is here to prove otherwise. Simplify is a competitive Android video game with social elements that doubles as a brain trainer with memory, skills and deduction tests.

Simplify Zona Indie FreakCon 2022

The Crown of Wu

The Crown of Wu is a third-person, 3D action-platformer in which we will play Wu, a hero who misused its power and was punished for it in the past. After awakening from a long lethargy, the world has changed and he must find out why. An independent game with great production values endorsed by PlayStation Talents.

The Crown of Wu Zona Indie FreakCon 2022

Spatium Inter Nox

To succeed you have to cooperate. Tell that to the characters of Spatium Inter Nox: a human and an alien linked by cord who must help each other to escape from a space prison. A fun two-player cooperative game full of puzzles and skill challenges. This title earned most innovative at the PlayStation Talents 2021.

Spatium Inter Nox Zona Indie FreakCon 2022

Bread of the Wild

Beyond the wordplay, worthy of an extraordinary brain, is this endearing pixelated 2D platformer in which we will play Bro, a frog on his way to becoming a master ninja. To do this, you will have to overcome all the obstacles placed in front of you and, most importantly, find all the loaves of bread hidden in the scenarios. This is the way to go!

Bread of the Wild Zona Indie FreakCon 2022


This adorable black cat has lost his owner, a witch who entrusts him with a mission to meet her beyond the physical world. A suggestive 2.5D platformer in which we will have to avoid enemies, gauge our jumps, and collect candles and fish bones to unravel the mystery. A game developed for the Global Game Jam 2022.

Athame Zona Indie FreakCon 2022

Save or Kill

Quick, dynamic and challenging. Save or Kill is a puzzle game where the goal is simple: destroy the black ball and keep the white ball intact, with the possibility to rotate the board using the mouse so that the laws of Physics help us accomplish this task. This title earned itself best title at the EVAD Game Jam VII.

Save or Kill Zona Indie FreakCon 2022


Two anthropomorphic axolotls twinned. That is the core of the Dualotl experience, a platformer in which we will control the two protagonists in unison —except that they will move left or right in a mirrored way, with the consequent headache that this entails when we have to overcome scenarios full of traps and impossible jumps.

Dualotl Zona Indie FreakCon 2022

IDLE Tycoon Super Hospital

If the healthcare system is not working as it should, someone ought to take action on the matter. IDLE Tycoon Super Hospital is an Android management and strategy game in which we will have to manage a health center while taking care of all the patients, hiring new personnel, and improving its facilities.

IDLE Tycoon Super Hospital Zona Indie FreakCon 2022


PI.EXE is a 2D action platformer with neon wave aesthetics in which we will have to progress through frantic levels in the shortest time possible. One hit and we’re dead, so trial and error are the key to this demanding game in which dash jumps and a lightsaber are our only weapons as we enter an operating system’s server attacked by viruses.

PI.EXE Zona Indie FreakCon 2022


Vampire and garlic are the new besties Well, not really, but Vampajo is here to break with the establishment. A fun platform minigame made of five levels in which we can alternate between the two characters to defeat each level’s evil vampire.

Vampajo Zona Indie FreakCon 2022

And… Don’t Lose It Again!

And… Don’t Lose It Again! is, broadly speaking, a VR simulator where we manage a Lost and Found Department in different historical periods. Its main asset is knowing how to merge two complementary dynamics: a physical component of skill, by having to toss each person the object they are looking for, and a deduction part, as the requests come to us as a riddle.

And don't lose it again Zona Indie FreakCon 2022