Everything points to Path of Exile: Mobile— the new game from Grinding Gear Games— will arrive later this year on our devices. There is still no exact date, but we have more and more official information and rumors that make it clear that there is not much time left for its release. Here is everything you need to know about this long-awaited project.

What is Path of Exile Mobile?

Path of Exile Mobile is basically a mobile version of this popular free-to-play action-adventure role-playing game. It’s kind of like Diablo, but without having to pay for it— we face enemies in claustrophobic levels and collect loot to upgrade our character. This will be adapted to mobile— with touch controls and shorter play sessions.

How to play Path of Exile Mobile?

This mobile version of Path of Exile will transfer to touch screens the same gameplay experience as the original installment— we will control a customizable character in dark environments plagued by enemies. We will see the setting from a zenithal perspective and move through it using the virtual D-pad on the left side. To the right will be placed the buttons for skills and powers and other shortcuts, such as healing. There will also be touch menus for character upgrades, inventory, interaction with characters in the setting…

Hands of a person playing Path of Exile Mobile on a mobile device

How is it different from the game for consoles and PCs?

At the official presentation of the project, Grinding Gear Games made it clear that this mobile version of Path of Exile will be as close as possible to the original game for consoles and computers. They want as pure an experience as possible, with the same theme and depth in their systems. However, they have also clarified that there will be differences— mobile gaming is conducive to shorter games, so Path of Exile Mobile will adapt to that. In addition, it will also modify its interface to convert it to touch controls.

Path of Exile in-game screenshot

Will Path of Exile Mobile and Path of Exile be connected?

The truth is that this is one of the main questions Path of Exile players asks, as many would like to bring their progress in the main game to this mobile version. However, Grinding Gear Games has already let it be known that they will be different experiences. It is the way to offer an excellent mobile game and not just an adaptation to get out of the way. In addition, they can make this new project profitable for a broader market without compromising their core game.

Path of Exile in-game screenshot showing a fighting

When will Path of Exile Mobile be available?

Path of Exile Mobile was announced three years ago with a video in which we could even see it running smoothly and completely on a device. But since then, we have received very little information about its launch. Grinding Gear Games has always considered this game an “experimental” version, so they have not felt compelled to set a release date. However, things seem to be taking shape because in a recent interview with Chris Wilson— studio producer and developer— he assured that he intends to publish the game by the end of 2023.

Path of Exile in-game screenshot showing a character's skills

When is the following Path of Exile Mobile beta?

Knowing that Grinding Gear Games intends to release Path of Exile Mobile later this year, a new question arises: will there be betas of the game? The truth is that the company has not specified whether it will launch the full version of the game simultaneously —worldwide— or if, on the contrary, it will carry out tests —regional or otherwise— of its game, as many mobile game companies tend to do. We can only wait for confirmation of whether or not there will be betas and, if so, when the next one will be.

Path of Exile in-game screenshot showing a fighting

Will it be a free game?

If there is something that defines Path of Exile, it is that it is a free game with a free-to-play model that has managed to find the perfect balance so as not to fall into pay-to-win— that is, to favor those who pay over those who prefer to play for free. That same philosophy is what Grinding Gear Games wants to apply to its mobile version so that we can rest assured— Path of Exile Mobile will be a free game that will offer fair rewards regardless of whether we want to pay for them or not.