The people at OGMods have an array of unofficial versions of popular apps like YouTube, BBM, and Instagram. For the latter there are two different tools: OGInsta+ to use several accounts at the same time, and Instagram Plus, an alternative client with unique features such as the option to zoom in on the images or download them locally.

These are the main differences over the official app:

  • Zoom option: By holding down on the image you can view it with an unlimited zoom, a welcome change after Instagram’s recent change to allow image uploads in up to 1024×1024.
  • Download images locally: No mystery here. Tap the image to save it locally as as a JPG. It can also download videos, saving them in MP4.
  • Share URLs: Something as simple as sharing an image’s URL to be viewed on any browser is not available on the official client. Now you’ll find that option in your context menu, which will copy the link to your clipboard to use where and how you want.
  • Additional configuration elements: There are extra setup items in the option menu, including one to make videos play with sound by default.



  1. I am interested in this app, but I am concerned about my account being flagged as a “bot” using the downloading feature. Can you guarantee this will not be a problem? Thanks in advance.

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