Terraria is one of the most entertaining games available on Android right now. It’s one of those games that can keep you glued to your screen as the hours pass without you even realizing it. There was a time when this type of game was one of the most played on both phones and computers. However, although nowadays the battle royale phenomenon seems to be all anyone cares about, that’s not always the case. There are still games like this one from 505 Games, and even Minecraft, that are still on the lists of the most played games after almost a decade of continuous success. This guide will show you how to install Terraria on your Android phone.

How to install Terraria

The truth is that it’s really simple to install this title from 505 Games. You shouldn’t encounter any real difficulties in the process, although it involves one relatively complex step compared to the installation of other games we’ve described.

Nevertheless, as long as you follow this simple guide, you won’t miss a thing and can install it without any problems. The steps are as follows:

  • Go to the Terraria page on Uptodown.
  • Tap on the “Latest version” button and choose “Download.” An .apk file will be downloaded.
  • The downloaded file will appear in your Notification Center. If it doesn’t appear, just go to the file explorer and look for the .apk file in your phone’s download folder.
  • In the next window, you’ll be asked if you want to proceed with the installation. Tap “Install.”
  • The installation will begin, and you’ll have it available shortly.

Now, once you’ve reached this point, you’ll have to open the game, which will warn you that you need to have a purchased copy of the game. For this reason, you’ll have to log in with your Google Play Store account and confirm that you’ve made a purchase. Once it all checks out, you’ll be able to open the game and play it without any problems.

Terraria house screenshot

Install Terraria from the Uptodown App Store

  • Install the Uptodown App Store on your phone if you haven’t already done so.
  • Search for the Terraria app in the store and select “Download.”
  • It will start downloading, and then you’ll have to tap “Install.”
  • Once installed, you’ll still have to go through the final step of certifying that you have a purchased copy of the game.

Customize your Terraria experience

Okay, so you’ve installed the game, but before you start playing, we recommend you go to the “Settings” tab in the Terraria start menu and adjust it according to your own preferences.

The game offers great customization options, starting with the graphics settings, which let you even adjust the lighting in the game. Then there are the controls, possibly the most important when getting the hang of playing the game. You can change the profile of the touch buttons and adjust the aiming system and how the character controls work. It’s worth taking a few minutes to test it out once you’ve set it up to see how you feel more comfortable.

Terraria house screenshot with several items to choose

Terraria… better with a controller or keyboard and mouse

Although you may be able to get used to using the touch controls, it’s not the easiest way to play Terraria. For this reason, it’s usually recommended that you connect a handheld controller to your phone in order to play it properly. You’ll have a really amazing portable experience if you connect one of those USB-C controllers that turn your smartphone into a Nintendo Switch. However, any controller will work, and the game will map the controls, so you don’t have to mess around trying to figure it out.

Another option is to play with a keyboard and mouse — this isn’t a bad idea if you have a tablet and want to play on it. The game also automatically adapts to this type of control system, giving you no reason not to do it.


Translated by Sarah Odebralski