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We hear about new frauds on Android apps every week. Are we really as vulnerable as it seems?
The Internet Crime Complaint Center is a branch of one of the security agencies in the United States which just a few days ago publicized an announcement warning about new kinds of malware that are being seen too often on Android devices, as well as several tips to protect...
Ransomware is a real threat. Protect your smartphone from viruses and malware by using these simple tricks that only take a few moments of your time.
LockerPin can completely lock your Android by changing your PIN, with no possibility of recovery if your device is not rooted unless you restore the factory settings.
One of the biggest releases of the year is giving Google the cold shoulder. Epic has announced that Fortnite will not be released via Google Play.
A user has discovered that the well-known program for emulating Android on PC installs an intrusive bitcoin miner without our consent or knowledge.
GlassWire is a new app for Android that helps you exhaustively monitor every single detail of the most data consuming the apps on your phone.
Kingroot is a Chinese tool that lets you root devices with Android Lollipop or higher.
There are many reasons not to pirate Android apps. Let's analyze the main ones.
There are very effective tools to block all ads such as Javelin Browser, Adblock Plus and AirPushDetector