Zepeto is the name of the app that’s bringing the South Korean Snow Corporation to the top of the most downloaded app rankings. Until now, this developer has made a name for itself creating filters for Instagram and Snapchat. However, it’s this new tool for creating virtual clones that’s led it to earn itself millions of downloads around the world.

zepeto 1 Zepeto and the virtual clone phenomenon

Sometimes it’s hard to figure out how and why certain apps manage to go viral throughout world. However, if we look at the case of Zepeto, we can see a few features that explain why this app has become so popular. If you look at the data on Uptodown or Google Play, the number of downloads are multiplying by the minute and there doesn’t appear to be any end in sight.

A trend similar to Bitmoji

If we look back in time just a bit, we can remember a success story similar to what Zepeto is experiencing now. With Bitmoji, we witnessed a similar phenomenon that Snow Corp. has now managed to revive, with a fresh new spin.


Since 2012, the Canadian company Bitstrips had been offering its Facebook users the possibility to convert their avatar into fun animated characters. After just one year, the company already had over 10 million different users. This led them to create the Bitmoji app in 2014 that lets you create these comics with your smartphone. Nowadays, it already has over 50 million downloads around the world since Snapchat acquired the rights in 2016.

Now, Zepeto has found the ideal moment to bring back the animated clone trend. And they’ve done so by taking advantage of the nostalgia of the most experienced users while surprising the most inexperienced ones with a concept that’s visually appealing.

3D modeling

One of the keys to the success of Zepeto lies in the limitless creative possibilities it offers. It’s surprising to see how the app is able to use three dimensions to model each virtual clone to the exact image and likeness. This is how they’ve gone one step further than Bitmoji and their flat 2D characters.

zepeto edit Zepeto and the virtual clone phenomenon

With just a single photo for reference, the tool is able to offer you a rough draft of your character. After that, you have the option to adjust any aspect of the face and hair to get an incredibly realistic looking clone. This is an important factor since the app gives you full control to refine all the details as much and as long as you want. That said, for the moment, Zepeto doesn’t break any stereotypes and doesn’t let you change body features.

Zepeto and its social aspect

Another one of the reasons Zepeto is flourishing is because it offers plenty of social features. Not only can you create tons of characters, you can also interact with them.

In Zepeto, there’s a minigame similar to the classic Flappy Bird that lets you earn coins that you can invest in buying new accessories and outfits for your character. Plus, you can also take a walk down the main street where you’ll find other users’ clones and can strike up conversations.


On the other hand, it’s worth mentioning there’s a chat feature to talk to users you add as friends. In short, Zepeto has enough elements that make this app a complete social network.

‘Stickers’ are obviously a must

On top of all that, Zepeto has made sure to cater to all the fans who love stickers. Since the arrival of stickers on WhatsApp, there are plenty people looking to create their own customized creations to send them in conversations.


In Zepeto, you can create tons of stickers with your character, either alone or with others. Plus, it offers the possibility to add backgrounds or expressions to make them really fun (and also similar to Bitmojis). And of course, you can store them directly to your device to share them on WhatsApp or Telegram.

Doubts about required permissions

But it hasn’t been all rainbows and butterflies… Snow Corporation has already had to face up to accusations from users that have questioned the app’s permissions. At the time of installation, Zepeto requests authorization to use the microphone. This has raised certain conspiracy theories and rumors about possible tracking.

However, its creators have already issued a statement that the app will only use the microphone when the users record videos using the app’s camera to capture the video screen.


Without a doubt, Zepeto offers tons of key features to maintain its progress on the market. Its more than five million downloads on Android are proof of that. Only time will tell if we’re talking about one of those viral apps that loses steam as time goes on, or if it’s going to be a new world phenomenon like Snapchat or Instagram.

Zepeto on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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