Zapd is a service for iOS devices that allows you to quickly and easily create a website. You don’t need any programming skills at all, and it doesn’t take very long to do. In just a minute you can create a small blog where you can share pictures, your thoughts, and all kind of media contents.

Zapd cabecera Zapd, an app for creating mini-blogs from iOS devices

The great thing about Zapd is that it is extremely easy to use, you just have to choose a theme and start creating content for your miniblog. You can do everything from your smartphone itself, and surprisingly, you can create a well-crafted website. Of course, by using a content management system such as WordPress or Blogger you can create much more personalized content of higher quality, but in this case, the service’s on-the-go compatibility makes up for what it lacks.

Following the advent of blogs more than a decade ago, the ability for every kind of user to create their own website without possessing programming knowledge was made available. Since then, content managers such as WordPress and Blogger have been widely used, in addition to other quality services such as Joomla and Dupral. Furthermore,  the expression “microblogging” is usually used in reference to simple services such as Twitter and Tumblr, where the shared information is much more brief and concise.

That’s the idea that Zapd uses, offering a product that falls between microblogging and a traditional blog, which allows you to create miniblogs from your iOS device in a few simple steps.

Zapd is both different and similar to Instagram and Pinterest, as it is mostly centered on sharing images, and therefore includes tools for editing and touching up the photos from the smartphone itself before loading them to the website. While they may be just simple websites, the amount of text you can include is greater than the 140 characters that Twitter offers.

Zapd capturas Zapd, an app for creating mini-blogs from iOS devices

Today we are talking about Zapd because the service’s 2.0.1 version was recently released after having corrected some errors and made substantial modifications to its functionality. The one that stands out the most is that now you can create and manage Zapd websites in collaboration with other users who can publish content as if it were a community social network.

In adittion, the application has a unique open social profile that allows you to follow other Zapd users’ updates the same way someone can follow your website updates. The name of the service is inspired by the content you publish, called a “Zap”, just like a Tweet on Twitter, for example. These posts can be viewed on iOS devices and each website’s design will adapt to the device and operating system it is being view on.

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