The biggest video-sharing platform on the Internet is apparently set to continue its frenetic rhythm of changes and improvements. Now the music site Billboard has revealed that YouTube, having recently revamped its interface, is developing a music streaming service to compete in the same field as Spotify and Google Play Music.


Quite similar to Spotify, the YouTube service will have both a subscription model that will cost $10 a month and a free version with ads. The paid version will have no ads and will let users store videos locally to be able to view them offline.

This new app will be very similar to the aforementioned services, but with the huge advantage that it will include music videos and the option to enjoy entire albums from your favorite artists and not just singles with their accompanying clips. The service will be available both by web and by app, meaning that you can also use it on mobile phones or tablet devices.

Although the release date for this new YouTube feature is still unknown, Billboard confirms that the video platform has already finalized the necessary agreements with record labels to bring the project online.

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