The video site par excellence is showing off new threads: YouTube has taken a step forward and made some big changes to its look, plus changed its logo for the first time in 12 years. Its interface now looks cleaner and tidier than ever, and we can say the same thing about the new logo. But they haven’t stopped there, as the app for smartphones and tablets has also gotten a makeover and added a few upgrades to improve the user experience.


The evolution of YouTube after these twelve years is notable, though also as logical as can be given how ridiculously successful it’s become. The new YouTube that we’re all soon to be on intimate terms with has a less compressed design and its Android app has fully embraced the always-elegant material design. Plus people who are already bored of the same old YouTube colors can now pick the new dark mode that completely changes the look.

The official YouTube blog offers a rundown of the upgrades, like browsing in rows or using gestures to fast forward and rewind, though these changes had already made an appearance in earlier version and we talked about them here. Luckily there are indeed novelties in the Android app. Now we’ve got the option to adjust the speed of the videos: pick from a range of 0.25x to 2x if you feel like watching something at a different tempo.


Plus they’re going to adapt the YouTube player to modern times now that vertical videos aren’t quite as anathema as they used to be. A feature we could already enjoy in fullscreen, but that they now plan to do from the moment you play a video. We say “plan” because this feature still isn’t available. We hope they speed up the rollout as our YouTube channel has a good number of gameplays from the best Android games in vertical. Don’t miss ’em.

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