One of the new contemporary dramas in the multimedia world involves broadcasting images at more than 24 frames per second to improve the fluidity of motion, even when the naked eye can’t perceive such a frequency. Game developers fight tooth and nail so their creations play at 60 frames per second on the latest consoles, while televisions border on the nonsensical when promoting their frequencies. With this as a backdrop, YouTube has decided to offer the option to upload and play videos at 48 or 60FPS.

This feature was announced a few months ago alongside the arrival of Creator Studio, but it’s only now that it’s been officially implemented. When you select the resolution of a certain video, the hertz will be displayed if they’re above the standard, although at the moment this feature is only available from Google Chrome and Safari browsers.

youtube herzios YouTube now to play videos at 60FPS

You can already find several example videos; have a look at these clips from Mario Kart 8, Minecraft, or Forza 5. What’s really interesting about all this is that the news coincides with the recent declarations from the CEO of YouTube to Re/Code that a paid Premium subscription system is in the works with exclusive features beyond the complete removal of ads. Will this 60Hz feature be part of it?


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