People have been talking about HDR videos for a while now as if they were the Next Big Thing. The gradual change from the now-common Full HD to UHD (Ultra HD) is moving along slowly but steadily and one of the big reasons for the swap is to allow the viewing of HDR videos. Before moving ahead with this alphabet soup let’s clarify that HDR means high dynamic range and the image improvement it bestows is significant. There’s still a ways to go before this format really catches on but YouTube – always one step ahead – now allows the use of HDR.


The difference between HDR and normal high-definition videos lies in its considerable improvement of the image regardless of the resolution. This is gained thanks to the dramatic differentiation between the lighter and darker areas within a photo. The contrast changes enormously and the color does along with it. The differentiation of dynamic ranges of dark and light areas makes the color more vibrant and intense than ever. The technique is a common one to see in the world of photography but in video is still just taking off. And now it’s come to YouTube.

The official YouTube blog says we can now upload and view videos in high dynamic range, though actually this has a little snag. To be able to view the new HDR videos you need a device that supports this technology. And for now, unfortunately, it’s not super common. Still, though, it’s always good that YouTube is on the cutting edge of new video technologies.

Youtube Video HDR

If you fancy seeing approximately how these images look, check out this YouTube playlist. Even if you don’t have access to HDR-compatible monitors, you can get a small idea of what it means. People who want to upload HDR videos can follow this tutorial provided by YouTube.

Also, anyone who fancies tinkering with this technology can try out some programs for Windows that convert your images to HDR.

  • Qtpfsgui for Windows on Uptodown | Download
  • AutoHDR for Windows on Uptodown | Download
  • AKVIS HDRFactory for Windows on Uptodown | Download
  • Luminance HDR for Windows on Uptodown | Download


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