Google seems like it’s trying to shake up its online music player services by strengthening its video platform. YouTube Music Key aims to be a new music-streaming platform via YouTube itself. The service will be paid, and along the way it seems that it will also make the ‘Music Key’ brand extend to Google Play Music All Access.

What’s truly interesting about this new service is that it works directly over YouTube as just another feature, offering music with no ads or limits on any device or desktop computer. Thus, taking into account the enormous amount of audio material stored in video format, we’re looking here at one of the best music collections out there thanks to the fact that it includes all sorts of covers, live versions, and diverse adaptations of each song uploaded by YouTube users.

youtube music screenshot YouTube is putting together a new music streaming service

The service costs $9.90 a month (and with the 1:1 conversion that would be €10 in Europe) with the option to test it for free for 30 days, although there is still no official launch date and all this news is nothing more than hearsay beyond the screen shots offered by Android Police and the purchase of the domain by Google.

It will allow you to play music with your device turned off (which YouTube doesn’t enable for obvious reasons), and even store songs locally so you can listen to them offline.

Now, is this system really necessary or fair? Consider that YouTube already allows access to all of this content for free, although later versions of its official client have seen its features trimmed rather than expanded with regard to playlists, possibly with an eye to using YouTube as we’re seeing now. In fact, there are free alternatives like Atraci that make use of the video platform’s immensity to offer a similar service to the one here.



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